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A type of quesadilla maker

Saltan Quesadilla Maker (Santa Fe Black)

A review of the Saltan Quesadilla Maker (Santa Fe Black)

The main feature of the Santa Fe Black Quesadilla Maker
is its separate warming tray on top of the device which helps to keep the quesadillas warm until they are ready to serve. This is a handy feature to have since it’s nice to know that they are keeping warm and toasty while I am setting the table. To be honest though, this feature is probably not worth the extra money when you can get the Red Santa Fe Quesadilla Maker cheaper on amazon.

That said, it does have all the great features of the red model, including non-stick plates, built-in non-drip tray, ready indicator light and free recipe ideas. The black finish does look more stylish, so it’s design would probably fit in better in most kitchens as opposed to the bright tex-mex red of most of the quesadilla makers on the market.

So if you’re looking for a quesadilla maker that has a useful warmer tray, and prefer the more sleek black finish then this is the one for you. However, If you want something better value and one that still gives great results check out my Red Santa Fe Quesadilla Maker Review.