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Chef Pro FBM108A 8-Inch Tortilla and Flat Bread Maker

The Chef Pro FBM108A 8-Inch Tortilla and Flat Bread Maker is by far the best flat bread maker I have ever used. It is able to create a wide range of flat breads thanks to it’s 8” plates: from classic tortillas, wraps and burritos to the more exotic rotis and puris. I can highly recommend this product thanks to its many top-quality features. Easy-clean non-stick plates on the inside cook without mess while the cool-touch chrome exterior looks stylish and modern in any kitchen. The special design and materials make this product a breeze to clean. The handy ready-light ensures that the tortilla maker is at the perfect temperature to use and the dial controls the temperature for the type of flat bread required. A free recipe book is included with this product containing all the necessary flat bread recipes and instructions needed to get you started.

Making fresh flour tortillas at home is so easy with this time-saving device. Thanks to it’s 1200 watt heating element it heats up in a breeze and can make a satisfying batch in a short amount of time. It make tortillas up to 8 inches without the need for a rolling pin. The device presses and flattens the dough into the perfect shape, saving a great amount of time and effort.

The best thing about having your own tortilla maker is that you can choose the ingredients yourself. If you feel like eating healthier, it is so easy to substitute the lard and white flour for more healthy olive oil and wholewheat flour. There’s nothing quite like sitting down to a meal with warm, freshly baked homemade tortillas! And this flat bread maker from Chef Pro is perfect for creating them so quickly and efficiently.

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