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Revel Tortilla Maker Review

A review of the Revel Tortilla Maker With Temperature Control

The Revel Tortilla Maker is a fine product and built to last. With it’s chrome finish and non-stick plates it is a breeze to clean, and with a number of space-saving features it stores away very neatly. You’ll be making a large batch of warm, freshly baked tortillas in a flash with it’s 1000 watts of power. I am very impressed with this product and find it to be a great time-saver in the kitchen.

This tortilla maker looks very stylish compared to many others out there thanks to it’s black and chrome finish. Chrome, not only looks great and blends in with any kitchen style, it also has the added benefit of being stain-resistant and very easy to clean. When not in use, the maker can be made to stand upright so it can be stored away simply. Along with it’s very compact design and built in cord wrap, it is a very space-saving piece of equipment.

The temperature control is useful, allowing you to cook tortillas exactly the way that you like them. This is perfect for me as I love my tortillas thin and a little toasty. This tortilla maker can be used with many types of flour from, the classic wheat flour to the more traditional corn flour for a gluten free alternative.

The instruction booklet is very handy too, with everything you need to know to operate the device. It even includes recipe ideas and tells you how to make the perfect dough to use. With a little bit of practice you can cook a dozen tortillas in under 10 minutes! I usually make a dozen and store them in the fridge in an airtight container to use whenever I need them. Perfect for a quick meal on the go or for a hearty dinner for the whole family. There’s nothing quite like freshly made tortillas and once you try them you won’t go back to the store-bought variety anytime soon!

Overall, the Revel Tortilla Maker is highly recommended and by far the best tortilla maker I have used.

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