George Foreman Quesadilla Maker

George Foreman really knows how to make convenient products which produce satisfying meals in record time. The George Foreman Quesadilla Maker
is the best out there for sealing in the fillings around the edges. This means you can create indulgent deep-fill quesadillas without any melted cheese or juices spilling out. It is one of the quicker models out there, heating up quite fast and cooking a batch of quesadillas in around 5 minutes. I really like the grip on the feet of this device which clings well to the work surface to prevent any slipping. 

Thanks to the 6 deep-fill pockets I find myself experimenting regularly with different combinations of fillings. Knowing that this device can hold more filling than others out there gives me freedom to try new combinations. It’s amazing to create freshly toasted quesadillas filled right up with tomato salsa, spicy chicken, peppers and cheese. Plus, 6 pockets means I can easily create a big meal for the whole family in just a few minutes!

The non-stick plates are a big plus, which creates easy, hassle-free cleaning. The 10-inch plates mean you can even use it to cook with large burrito-size tortillas. The built in indicator light tells you when the product is hot enough and ready for use.

Overall I would definitely recommend this quesadilla maker, especially if you like to create satisfying meals in record time.

You can buy the George Foreman Quesadilla Maker now for under $40 on Amazon! This is such good value considering all the time I have saved thanks to this amazing product. :)

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