Santa Fe Quesadilla Maker

A review of the Santa Fe QM2R 900-Watt Quesadilla Maker 3NU9VE4MPJBG

Want to make quick and easy quesadillas without the mess? The Santa Fe Quesadilla Maker by Saltan is the most highly-recommended quesadilla maker I have ever used. Cooking time is fairly fast at 4 to 5 minutes and works with tortillas up to 10 inches in size. The appliance heats up very quickly and the handy indicator light turns on when it is ready to use. The non-drip tray is a very nice feature, stopping any juices leaking onto your work surface. The appliance is nice and compact making it easy to store away and weighs just over 6 pounds. The included recipe book shows you how to make a nice range of tasty meals with this device. One thing I particularly like is the quality of the non-stick plates inside. Whenever I’m finished using this product I simply wipe down the plates with a paper towel. It’s so handy and has saved me a lot of time preparing a satisfying dinner for the whole family.

If you purchase this quesadilla maker I recommend using ‘burrito size’ tortillas. With this size of tortilla the grill seals the quesadilla nicely around the edges, preventing any cheese from leaking out. It’s fun experimenting with lots of different fillings: cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, chicken or beef, red peppers, mushrooms and chillies. It makes preparing meals quick and easy since when I really need a snack I can just throw in whatever is available in the refrigerator. Buying a packet of ready-made spice mix further speeds up preparation time.

This particular model is currently selling for a good price on amazon at under $35.
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